August 3, 2021

Critical Care Nephrology: Challenges and Opportunities

In this episode, we are discussing critical care nephrology, a dynamic and developing field which has seen an increase in popularity in the last decade. Our guests include a mix of junior and senior faculty, which is a testament to how this field is expanding.

Amanda Dijanic Zeidman and Michael Heung have recently authored the ACKD article “The Workforce in Critical Care Nephrology: Challenges and Opportunities”  which is the topic of this episode’s discussion. They are also joined by Jay Koyner and Javier Neyra (critical care nephrologists) and Matthew Broyles a critical care anesthesiologist.

They discuss their journeys to critical care, why anesthesiologists or nephrologists might be interested in critical care, pros of receiving critical care training, how anesthesiology has supported this subspecialty, how to support nephrologists that are interested in critical care and more! They wrap up with resources, communities, and courses for trainees and nephrologists interested in critical care. Listen in to this discussion from this great community with diverse backgrounds!


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