December 13, 2021

Happy 40th Anniversary AJKD!

On this episode, our guests discuss how AJKD has pursued and met objectives over the past 40 years. Specifically, we will discuss how the AJKD has not only influenced the care of patients with kidney disease but helped NKF support its mission. We will discuss how AJKD helped to shape kidney disease research and clinical care and help grow patient centered care.

We are joined by four outstanding colleagues and speakers who will share their thoughts and experiences with AJKD and its impact on clinical care, research, education, and policy. 


  1. Kerry Willis-Chief Scientific Officer of the National Kidney Foundation 
  2. Paul Palevsky, the current President of the National Kidney Foundation 
  3. Sylvia Rosas, the president-elect of the NKF
  4. Harold Feldman, Editor-in-Chief of AJKD

Other 40th Anniversary materials:

  1. AJKD at 40: The Boston Era—Years 25-35 (2007-2016) Editorial by Daniel E. Weiner and Andrew S. Levey
  2. Celebrating 4 Decades of AJKD Editorial by Harold I. Feldman, Jeffrey S. Berns, Laura M. Dember, and Nijsje M. Dorman
  3. 40th Anniversary Special Collection: CKD 
  4. 40th Anniversary Special Collection: Kidney Transplantation
  5. July 2021 Table of Contents
  6. July 1981 Table of Contents
  7. KDOQI Guidelines
  8. A Unifying Approach for GFR Estimation: Recommendations of the NKF-ASN Task Force on Reassessing the Inclusion of Race in Diagnosing Kidney Disease

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